Dance Schedule

Mondays with Tyler
4:00-4:45 Ballet/Lyrical Combo
4:45-5:30 Jazz
5:30-6:15 Hip-Hop

Tuesdays with Ashley
5:00-5:30: 3-5 year old combo dance
5:30-6:00 6-8 year old combo dance
6:00-6:45 Advanced clogging

Thursdays with Megan
5:00-5:30 Musical Theater
5:30-6:00 Dance Team
6:00-6:30 Fun Clogging

Saturdays with Sandy
8:30-9:30 Fusion Dance Aerobics
10:00-11:00 Broadway Dance
30 minute clases:  $25 per month
45 and 60 minute classes:  $40 per month

*Classes will be added or dropped based on registration.  Minimum class number is 5 and maximum is 16

*Ballroom, Pageant Preparation, and Solo Classes available by appointment.

Policies (DOCX — 509 KB)

Class Overview
Clogging:  Clogging is our main type of dance offered at Move Dance Factory.  Clogging is a  percussive type of dance that incorporates rhythmic sound and technique.  Clogging began in the Appalachian Mountains as a social dance and has evolved into a modern type of dance.  Clogging can be seen at various theaters in town and several clogging teams have appeared on television shows such as America’s Got Talent and 30-seconds to fame.  Our clogging classes include the study of both traditional clogging, as well as modern competitive clogging. 
Hip Hop:  One of our most popular new dance additions to the studio, hip hop is a form of street dance.  Hip Hop involves breaking, locking, and popping movements to create a freestyle look.  This style of dance can be seen in most rap and pop videos.  The style of hip hop is about 30 years old and originated in the streets of New York with freestyle battles among neighborhoods.   In more recent years, studios have been offering a new form of hip hop called “new style,” which involves more choreographed moves and precision.  
Irish:  Irish step dancing is the traditional dance of Irish and became famous in the early 1990’s with Riverdance.  This type of dance requires fast movement of the feet to make percussive sounds while maintaining a rigid upper body.  Our studio focuses on hard shoe style.  Irish is for the most serious dancers who are ready for a challenge.  2 years of prior dance experience is highly recommended for students taking Irish. 
Lyrical:  Lyrical dance is a type of contemporary dance that is rooted in ballet and jazz.  It combines many of the elements and technique of classical ballet with the freedom and airier aspects of modern styles.  Lyrical is a very expressive dance that requires students to have a passion for expression and emotions. 
Theater:  This class is for the well-rounded performer who wishes to perform.  This class will incorporate singing, dancing, and acting.  Students in this class will produce a musical number or musical for the spring recital.  Selections from this class will also be involved in community shows. 

 Musical Theater classes now available on Thursday afternoon with Sandy. Students will learn Broadway style dance routines, learn lyrics of songs, work on stage presence and how to "act out the song". Families and friends will be invited to watch the students perform the production numbers during the last class of the 10-week session. For more information contact Sandy Inbody at

Ballroom:  Ballroom is an umbrella term that applies to many types of partner dancing.  Our studio focuses on smooth, swing, salsa, and International Ballroom styles such as waltz and tango.   
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